Jella141 as Himself

Shopnil as Himself

Sliverpie2 as Himself (cameo)

Jella vs Shop
Rick grimes
Season 0, Episode 0
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Air date Unknown
Written by Shopnil
Directed by Sliverpie
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N/A Captain America vs Iron Man






I'm the greatest slasher of all time ask freddy krueger

you're not like a real sheriff so you can't solve mysteries of slashers

you always think that i'm sliverpie2 but you are a stupid,selfish and greedy

you always think about yourself

i'm the great mc ever ! i'm like stan lee kubrick

hal 9000 should kill you if you don't follow my rules

you sucks ! i'm like john cena i should atitude adjustment on you

you think yourself rick grimes you should go to mirror and ask you're self

you're slim version of walter white


it's the og clint eastwood

you're like a zombie to me

i shoot you with my han solo gun

you don't believe i'm real sheriff

so that means you're a outlaw from the back to the future 3

freddy is better than you

plz learn from him that

carl can hunt you easily

you and your friend sliverpoopie will blocked by admin

you're a worst slasher i've never seen you got fucked up by freddy


You're raps are sick

you can't win easily to me