X-men's greatest mutant ever seen !

I'm the lion king

You're just a stupid vampire

Blade is better than you

I fought many wars like world war and vietnam war

You can't count

because you're just a 80's slasher 

to lost fame in 90's

you got kicked your ass by jason

you're worstest than sabertooth


Freddy's coming for you

worst lock your door

Sweet dreams !

We will have a fight in your dreams

I will slice you half with my deadly claws

I'm better than jason and michael myers

You'll meet the best slasher in dream with jean

I can kill her

you'll never sleep again


Stay away from my girl

you have claws like cats 

and sweaters are worst halloween costume ever

You're fake darth maul 

and worst demon

In the days of future past 

I go to past 

i'm a time traveller like your Terminator

I should crush you 

because you kill a comic book fan

Go to hell !


Yes I turn a comic book fan to a paper 

and Slice him up

Life is gift but your immortality sucks

You told me cyclops quotes

This is going to be mortal kombat

you will die but not peacefully

I can haunt you easily

barber edward scissorhands can cut your long hair

You killed jean 

but i should kill in your bad dreams

good night

(Lights off then wolverine sleeps and Freddy comes to his dreams)

To be continued

Who won who's next you decide 

epic shop battles of history

Freddy vs wolverine
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 10th december 2015
Written by shopnil
Directed by shopnil
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Sequel coming in season 2

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